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There are 7 major Chakra centers of the physical body, where vital energy flows and intersects. Through our Chakras, we transmit and receive physical, emotional, and spiritual energy. The chakras are manifested in one's physical state. The ideal is to have all chakra centers clear, balanced, and vitalized for optimal well-being. The chakra system goes back to ancient eastern masters. Each chakra is associated with a particular area of the body and a color of the spectrum. Stones are used at chakra centers for clearing, revitalizing, and healing. Crystal wands are utilized to open the chakras. Generally, the selection of stones correspond with the associated color of the chakra.

As you become familiar with stones, meditation, healing work, and the energies within and around you, you will begin to incorporate your awareness into different aspects of your life and consciousness. Studying and working with the chakra system will help you become aware of the powerful life force energy that exists within our bodies, minds, our environment, and ultimately the physical and divine universe. Your body is indeed your temple!

Below is a brief listing of stones and their use with the chakra system to get you started.

Abalone/Mother of Pearl - Though not considered a gemstone, abalone and mother of pearl bring in all the elements from the sea including feeling calm and peaceful. The iridescence reflects a rainbow of colors, which adds a beautiful dimension to whatever piece you have on. It also helps to align the chakras, especially the heart.

Agate comes in numerous colors which is why it is such a popular stone. It promotes clarity, focus, and concentration. A memory booster, too! Agate is an excellent protection stone, good for keeping one feel grounded and secure. It also aids the healing of the stomach including digestion, as well as the eyes, bladder, and skin.

Amber is the ultimate healing stone. Before there was penicillin, there was amber oil which was used as a cure all. Dating back to the dinosaurs, amber ranges in color from yellow to honey to green. It purifies and cleanses the aura, promotes balance, brings good luck, raises confidence levels and optimism, and supports your journey to enlightenment. It also aids healing in the areas of the stomach, gall bladder, kidneys, teeth, and joints.

Amethyst is the Royal Stone. It is the link between our human self and our spiritual self. Supporting our journey of faith and spirit, amethyst is an all around healing stone. Great for meditation, too! Amethyst helps control addictions, stimulates inspiration, promotes inner peace, and honesty. This purple gem aids healing in the areas of the ears, bones, lungs, digestive system, respiratory tract, and skin. Amethyst also encourages sobriety, and relieves headaches.

Aventurine is a wonderful green stone supporting love and money! It promotes growth, abundance, prosperity, optimism, and recovery. Aventurine supports the heart chakra and any ailments that reside there. It encourages regeneration, helps to lower cholesterol, heals the skin, alleviates pain and allergies, too. This all around healing stone also comes in a red tone.

Carnelian can help pull you out of a rut by promoting action and courage. It helps to stop confusion, lift your emotions, and protect you from fear and envy. As it cleanses and purifies your sacral chakra (located just below the belly button), carnelian helps to sooth menstrual cramps, support kidney function, and help battle infertility. This beautiful stone ranges in color from light red to deep brown, and helps to stimulate the absorption of vitamins.

Chrysocolla is a green stone that is often mistaken for turquoise. It is soothing and relaxing, promotes patience and understanding, encourages clarity and perception, and helps to deal with sudden and unexpected changes in our lives. It is excellent for healing infections pertaining to the throat and tonsils, but also helps with digestion, liver function, and lowering blood pressure.

Citrine is the manifestation stone. A stone of good luck and prosperity. As it lifts the spirit, it encourages mental and emotional clarity and well being. This yellow stone reflects our life force and helps optimize memory, understanding, recovery, and growth. Citrine encourages hope and dreams, willpower and confidence. It is beneficial to those with eating disorders, stomach and bladder problems, and diabetes.

Emerald is the stone of Prosperity and Riches. It supports our heart chakra in bringing us what we truly desire. Inspiration, clairvoyance, sensuality, love, beauty, harmony, friendship, and unity are all highlighted by this stone’s properties. This brilliant green gemstone aids healing in the areas of the upper respiratory tract, the heart, and the eyes. As it detoxifies the body, it also helps build the immune system.

Flourite comes in a variety of colors; the most popular are clear, purple, green, and blue. It helps open up the subconscious mind to be more receptive to angelic messages. Use it while meditating and begin to listen to your creative muses. Flourite inspires, and helps to free self imposed restrictions. As your self confidence increases, so will your awareness. Flourite fortifies teeth and bones, helps the skin to regenerate, keeps the body strong and healthy, improves posture, and repels upper respiratory infections and allergies.

Fossilized Wood is usually found in earth tones of browns and reds. As the wood petrifies, it takes on a gemstone quality that is magnificent. It encourages new beginnings, calms us down, and aids in recovery. Fossilized wood keeps us grounded, and since it stimulates the metabolism, it is an excellent stone for dieting and stress.

Garnet is a power stone. It rules the root chakra and rules sexuality, prosperity, and new beginnings. This stone is usually red in color but can also be green, black, pink, orange, and yellow. It addresses the divine feminine, and helps to eliminate emotional blockages and encourage creativity. It aids in cell regeneration, boosts the immune system, helps with arthritis and strengthens bones. It can also accelerate wound healing and works as an anti-inflammatory.

Hematite is also known as Bloodstone since it helps with circulation and iron absorption. As it improves the oxygen supply to our body, we can enjoy greater health, sleep better at night, and have more vitality and energy. This stone looks like metal with its shiny gray and silver tone.

Howlite is a white stone with gray veins. They say the veins help us to reach out to our goals. This is a calming and loving stone that absorbs stress and anxiety. It dispels selfishness and confrontations. Howlite helps to balance calcium levels and may strengthen teeth and bones.

Jade is a stone of good fortune. It is a stone of wealth and prosperity and luck. It brings about inner peace and awareness, promotes self realization, and keeps us on track towards our dreams and goals. Ruling the heart chakra, jade helps to reduce emotional and mental stress, and keeps us honest. It may also help to improve agility, and muscle responses.

Jasper goes by many names such as picture jasper, leopardskin jasper, zebra jasper, etc. It is a fabulous stone with lots of details and colors. Picture jasper can actually look like a piece of painted desert or mountain, or a japanese etching . It promotes courage and strength. Grounding and willpower. It reduces stress and conflicts. Jasper can help alleviate flu symptoms, indigestion, and intestinal difficulties.

Labradorite is a magical stone. It has a gorgeous iridescence that comes to life in the light. The symbolism of that can be taken seriously as labradorite enhances magic and mediumistic abilities, and heightens intuition and empathy. Because it is a calming stone, it helps to lower blood pressure and keep colds away.

Lapis Lazuli is a deep blue stone that enhances honest communication. Since it aids healing in the areas of the neck, vocal chords, and larynx, it is the perfect stone to wear as a necklace. A sixth chakra enhancement, this powerful stone is also ruled by mercury. Mercury is the planet of communication. The sixth chakra is the throat chakra, also denoting communication. Communication, communication, communication! Lapis is also a stone of friendship, abundance, and helps to enhance psychic, uh....communication.

Malachite is a brilliant green stone with lots of detail. It promotes willpower, sensuality, desire, friendship, determination, and helps rid shyness. Because it rules the heart chakra, it is a great balancer on all levels. It can help to alleviate menstrual cramps as well as mental blockages. If you are drawn to malachite, good luck is on its way.

Moonstone is a must have to celebrate the Divine Feminine! It is white with a bluish shimmer that increases clairvoyance and depth of love. This female power stone brings good fortune. It enhances fertility, balances hormones, and relives menstrual cramps. As it aligns your emotional self with your higher self, moonstone can bring in more lucid dreaming and better intuition.

Onyx is excellent for concentration, focus, grounding, and confidence. It helps to stimulate logical communication, and sharpen your sense of hearing. Though the most popular onyx is black, it actually comes in a variety of colors including red and green.

Opal is the magical stone of October births. It gives us the will to live, to love, to experience joy! It enhances desire, sexuality, even eroticism. It is the stone for Scorpio, ruling the sexual organs and creating fire in our life force. There is an old wives tale that anyone who is not born in October should never wear opal. THIS IS NOT TRUE!! Opal is a gorgeous white stone with every color of the rainbow woven through its iridescence. It helps to relieve tension and anxiety, and bestows angelic dreams and harmony. Even to those born any other month of the year!

Pearl is a symbol of a pure heart, and carries an innocence that is very soothing. It promotes faith, charity, and balances emotions especially for those born under the Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces signs. Wearing pearls may help to increase fertility, and decrease acid indigestion. Though most commonly white in color, there are also black specimans as well as other colors. Pearls can also be dyed to take on any hue.

Peridot is a lovely green or yellow stone supporting the heart and solar plexus chakras.. It helps to rejuvenate and restore your life force. Peridot helps to get you back on your feet after a bout of low self confidence. It promotes independence, prosperity, personal growth, and zest for life. Excellent for forgiveness and releasing anger. Peridot aids healing in the area of the liver as it stimulates metabolism and helps to detox the system. Good for warts and skin ailments, too!

Quartz Crystal is the Most Powerful Healing Stone! It brings about clarity, focus, and connection to one’s Higher Self. It amplifies the energy of all other stones, and brings about spiritual healing, peace, intuition, creativity, balance, perceptiveness, and understanding. Quartz Crystals can help find what was lost, whether in a material sense or an emotional sense. It helps to dispel negativity and depression, and to solve problems. For those who often feel cold, or experience numbness, quartz crystal may be a perfect antidote. It also helps with the yin and yang of the brain by supplying energy where it is most needed. A must for your Stone collection!

Rhodochrosite is a brilliant raspberry stone; the color as rich as Hawaiian Punch! It has the ability to make us feel happy, bring about enthusiasm, and a positive attitude. Rhodochrosite encourages us to be playful, even in a sexual way. It can help with circulation, blood pressure, kidney and joint problems, and may ease migraines.

Rhodonite is a pink stone with gray and black veins. It can encourage forgiveness, friendship, and bring love and passion into action. For self confidence and spiritual maturity, Rhodonite is a great balancer. It can ease traumas of the past, aid healing in the heart chakra, and help with fertility issues.

Rose Quartz is the most soothing stone; a stone of gentle love bringing about peace and calm. It is a stone of friendship, and angelic connections. It can bring in romantic love, self love, self confidence and beauty. Rose quartz shares its sensual qualities with the owner, and aids in the areas of the heart, blood circulation, sexual issues and fertility. It is recommended to always keep a chunk of Rose Quartz near your computer or electronics to balance out the energy. Rose quartz is pink in color, ranging from very pale to deeper hues.

Ruby is an activator of the root chakra at the base of the spine. This red stone increases life force, passion, vibrancy, commitment, good health, and orgasmic sexual activity. When blood circulation increases, general health improves especially in the spleen and intestinal area. Ruby is a great stone when called to Action. It is ruled by Mars, and the sign Aries.

Sapphire is a brilliant blue stone that helps with straightforward communication. It can aid in healing depression and anxiety. Promoting wisdom, faith, and knowledge, sapphire is a stone of Royalty. It can also help to alleviate pain, reduce fevers, and promote sobriety.

Smoky Quartz is a clear stone that is usually light to dark brown. It encourages tolerance, protection, and helps us to cope with difficult times in our lives. A tool to be used with meditation and to relieve stress, Smoky Quartz can also help with back problems, cramps, pain, and nervousness.

Snowflake Obsidian is a wonderful example of nature’s beauty. It is a black stone with white snowflakes laced throughout. Just like obsidian, it provides spiritual protection, and helps to remove energy blockages. It dissolves fear, and emotional trauma. As it balances our chakra system, it can help us find the truth within ourselves. Snowflake Obsidian can accelerate wound healing and decrease hardening of the arteries by increasing blood circulation. It also helps to warm hands and feet.

Sodalite is dark blue with white inclusions. It is often mistaken for Lapis Lazuli. Sodalite promotes honesty and assuages guilt. It helps to gain insight, clarity and vision. Intuition is sharpened, and the mind chatter is calmed. It helps to teach us to be more rational and logical. Sodalite aids healing in the 5th chakra areas of the throat, larynx, and vocal chords.

Sunstone is a brownish orange stone with an iridescence that catches in the light. It promotes leadership, self worth, good luck, and optimism. All the characteristics of the sign of Leo. Sunstone can stimulate self-healing, and is a wonderful anti-depressant. Just being around Sunstone can make you feel better!

Tiger’s Eye is a golden brown stone with a magic to it that is undeniable. It promotes balance, and offers strength to get through the more difficult times. It alleviates doubt, and helps with decision making. It is a creative stone that offers vision and clarity. As it alleviates pain, it can also help to heal digestion and stomach problems.

Topaz is the Wishes Come True Stone connecting us to the Angelic Realm. It promotes wisdom, honesty, and awakens the part of us that wants to achieve our dreams. Energy flow is stimulated, eating disorders can be conquered, and metabolism and nervous disorders are balanced. Topaz is the color of the sky - clear or light blue, and brown like a rainy day.

Tourmaline is a force to be reckoned with. It’s a powerful healing stone that comes in an assortment of colors including pinks and greens and what looks like black, but held up to the light is a color unto itself. It combines spirit, protection, soul, intellect, and body into one harmonious whole. It provides strength, creativity, love, truth, sensitivity, caring, inner peace, commitment, and purification of one’s self. Tourmaline may aid healing in the areas of the bladder, kidneys, and glands. It can help to heal burns quicker, as well as alleviate constipation and diarrhea. Good to know!

Turquoise is an Artist’s stone promoting creativity and self expression. It helps to connect to one’s muse as it takes intuition and inspiration to new levels. It can bring good luck, foresight, spiritual grounding, and is a mood balancer. It brings about peace of mind, and loyalty. Turquoise aids healing in the areas of acid vs. alkaline, stomach and gout problems, and helps to fight against viral infections. It also creates warmth, and relaxes cramps.

Unakite celebrates the Divine Feminine. It is a beautiful green and salmon stone that helps to balance the emotional body. As it connects us to our Higher Self, it opens the way for us to release burdens that no longer serve us, and allows us to move forward in our lives. Unakite aids healing in the areas of the reproductive system, stimulating healthy pregnancies. It is ruled by the sign of Cancer.

Zircon comes in a variety of colors including red, orange, brown, yellow, and even clear. It helps to open up our minds and exercise our sixth sense of sight. Intuition and clairvoyance are heightened, and dreams become more lucid. Zircon may also help to lift depression and overcome sadness that comes with loss. Releases fear and opens the way for healing in the areas of the liver and menstrual cramps. Usually associated with the sign of Capricorn. Out of the darkness comes the light.