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By combining the oils of herbs that are appropriate to the planets, the elements and the personalities of the twelve signs of the Zodiac. The purpose of these beautiful oils is to assist in aligning oneself with the vibrational energies of the Zodiac signs. Available Sizes: 1/2 fl. oz.

Zodiac Oil Usage:

 Aries herbs associated with the element of fire in a base of rose. This oil is used to encourage assertiveness, decisiveness, boldness, courage and to motivate action.

Taurus magnolia with red florals. Characterized by patience, stability, determination and aesthetic appreciation, use to heighten aesthetic sensitivity, materialistic appreciation and lend strength of purpose.

Gemini herbs associated with the element of air in a base of carnation. Curious, versatile, dextrous and communicative, this is a good choice for matters involving communication, intellectual creativity and physical dexterity.

Cancer coconut and other water-associated herbs. Use to heighten intuition, perceptivity, domestic sensitivity and psychic or instinctual knowledge.

Leo frankincense with citrus herbs. A loyal, romantic, powerful and creative sign, choose this oil for vitality, confidence, will power and the dynamic energy associated with its planet, the sun.

Virgo tulip with balancing herbs. Associated with precise and analytical thought, use to enhance logic, reason, and sensibility.

Libra mixed geraniums with air herbs. A good choice when any sense of balance is needed; also used to help cultivate social graces and composure.

Scorpio rose with attracting herbs. For the transmutation of energy toward regeneration and renewal, sexual energy, will power and investigative talent.

Sagittarius vegetarian musk-based formula. Expressing optimism, tolerance, philosophy and joviality, and for the expansion of spiritual, mental and conceptual understanding and resourcefulness.

Capricorn honeysuckle with woody herbs. To encourage the qualities of methodology, responsibility and industriousness, and for matters of practicality, materialistic stability and self discipline.

Aquarius wisteria and other air-associated herbs. Lends a quality of evolutionary growth, making this a good choice for the cultivation of idealism, humanitarianism and intellectual creativity.

Pisces fruity top notes based in sandalwood.Associated with trust, intuitiveness and spirituality, use this oil to enhance nurturing creativity, spiritual and mystical inspiration.



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