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Specialty Oils

$6.00 $7.95

Available sizes: 1/2 fl. oz

Specialty Oil Usage:

 Dove's Heart - to calm the soul and solve problems of the heart.

Dragon’s Blood Oil - with dragon's blood resin. Used for empowerment, uncrossing, spiritual cleansing, protection.

Egyptian Musk - exotic and sensuous.

Enchanted Forest - the rich woody fragrance of a magical forest.

Faery Garden Oil - a formulary of herbs and flowers for attracting the Fae.

Kabala Oil - for solitary meditation and mystical practice.

Nag Champa - our own blend of aromatic herbs faithfully reproduces the classic indian favorite. Used to heighten spiritual vibrations.

Triple Goddess Oil - balancing female energy.

Uncrossing Oil - blended to disperse negative influences, dispel jinxes and alleviate the results of random exposure to detrimental psychic energies.

Van Van - for purification and success.

Wiccan Altar Oil - crafted specifically for wiccan altars. Contains oils of all four elements in a base of frankincense.

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