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Roots, Resins & Herbs

$6.00 $7.95

Available sizes: 1/2 fl. oz

Roots, Resins & Herb Oil Usage:

 Allspice - Prosperity

Almond - Peace, Prosperity

Amber - Success, Good Fortune

Anise - Peaceful Sleep, Youthfulness

Bay - Protection, Purification

Bayberry - Money

Bergamot - Money, Success

Cedar - Purification, Love, Money, Psychic Power

Cinnamon - Attraction, Speed

Cypress - Comfort, Protection

Frank & Myrrh - Protection, Purification, Spirituality

Frankincense - Purification, Luck, Protection, Spirituality

Ginger - Success, Power

Hyssop - Purification

Juniper - Love, Protection

Musk - Attraction, Lust

Myrrh - Spirituality, Protection

Myrtle - Fertility, Love

Orris - Love, Divination, Home Protection

Patchouly - Love, Money, Fertility

Peppermint - Healing, Luck

Pine - Fertility, Prosperity, Protection

Sage - Wisdom, Purification

Sandalwood - Protection, Purification, Spirituality

Sweetgrass - Spiritual Attraction

Vanilla - Love, Lust

Verbena - Protection, Love

Vetivert - Love, Luck, Money


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