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Mystic Blends

$6.00 $7.95

Mystic Blends are traditional formulas that are meant to enhance and promote the positive atmospheres for which they are named. These oils are hand blended and contain dried herbs for vibrational enhancement. Available Sizes: 1/2 fl. oz.

Mystic Blend Oil Usage:

 Ancient Wisdom with solomon seal root - to encourage intuitive wisdom.

Attraction with cinnamon bark - to draw good spirits, love, luck and money.

Clear Mind with lemon verbena - to clear the mind for insight and problem solving.

Come To Me with red rose petals - to attract romantic attention.

Fire Of Passion with patchouly leaf - to increase desire and passion. Potent.

Garden Of Delight with jasmine blossoms - to strengthen the sexual chakra.

Good Luck with grains of paradise - to increase good fortune through psychic development.

Guardian Angel with hyssop - to attract spiritual assistance and protection.

Healing with peppermint - to amplify the vibrational qualities of healing.

Inspiration with clove - to promote positive thought forms.

Lodestone with lodestone chips - adds attracting qualities of naturally magnetic stone.

Love Drawing with red rose petals - to attract the qualities of love.

Lucky Gambler with cinquefoil - to enhance endeavors that involve chance.

Meditation with myrrh - to heighten and enhance the meditative state.

Money Drawing with frankincense - to attract material gain to business and home.

Peace with cardamon pods - to promote peaceful conditions.

Prosperity with allspice - to promote nurturing conditions.

Protection with verbena leaf - to help develop immunity to negative vibrations.

Psychic Power with mugwort - to help focus psychic energy.

Purification with vetivert - for spiritual cleansing and purification.

Spirit Guide with acacia flowers - to aid in communication with spirit guides.

Success with orris root - to strengthen endeavors and overcome obstacles.

Vision Quest with mugwort - to stimulate creative visualization and the third eye.

Wishing with cinnamon bark - for alignment with one's dreams and wishes.

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