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Herbal Blends

$6.00 $7.95

Herbal Blends are twelve blends of the most beautiful, lastingly popular and universally loved fragrances and we've added dried herbs for extra vibrational and visual enhancement. These exotic oils have great appeal. Available Sizes: 1/2 fl. oz.

Herbal Blend Oils:

 Almond Musk with sliced almond - sensuous, herbal musk, brightened with almond.

Almond Sandelo with sliced almond - deep, rich sandalwood, topped with almond.

Coco Rose with red rose petals - oils of coconut and rose. Fluent and sweet.

Honey Rose with red rose petals - honeysuckle and rose. Sweet and gentle.

Jasmine Rose with jasmine blossoms - an elegant combination of two classic oils.

Lavender Bouquet with lavender buds - lavender and gardenia. Bright and fresh.

Lotus & Tulip with lotus root - unusual, sweet and exotic.

Patchouly Musk with patchouly leaf - earthy, sensuous and full bodied.

Spicy Musk with cinnamon bark - cinnamon and musk. Bright and woody.

Sweet Patchouly with patchouly leaf - patchouly with a pleasing vanilla overtone.

Tropical Jasmine with jasmine blossoms - jasmine with a hint of citrus.

Vanilla Orange with orange peel - joyful and fresh with a subdued sweetness.

Thieves oil is a blend of plant-based essential oils that is used for immune support, enhancing lung and sinus function and purifying the air, according to Natural Aromatherapy Benefits.


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