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Charms & Things

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Winter is here, let's celebrate 2020 together.

Stock up with all you favorite winter scents just in time for the changing weather.

Our Colors and Scents are made to order. Some of our scents are as listed in the description and we carry many more, if you don't see your favorite scent listed contact us for availability. We carry all shapes and scent of Candles and wax melts for your home. 


Mango Mandarin BBW Type

Berry Tangerine Yankee Type

Agave Nectar Fragrance

Baking Cupcakes

Briar Rose

Cherry Blossom BBW Type

Citrus Breezes

Clean Cotton


Cotton Blossom

Cucumber Melon

English Ivy


Fresh Linen

Fruit Slices

Georgia Peach

Ginger Peach




Juniper Breeze


Lavender & Freesia


Mango & Banana Leaf

Orange Blossom

Passionate Kisses

Pear Berry

Peonies In Springtime

Pina Colada

Pomegranate Henri Bendel BBW Type

Rain Scent

Red Pineapple Fragrance


Sage & Citrus Yankee Type

Sea Breeze


Sparkling Mojito BBW Type

Storm Watch Yankee Type

Strawberries & Champagne Victoria's Secret Type


Tangerine Peach Yankee Type

White Blossoms

Wildflower Fragrance

Scent is the most enduring of our senses. It commands our attention. It bonds us to our past through our memories. It flavors the atmosphere to suit our moods and intentions. It lifts our spirits and elevates vibrations. It effects our behavior, our appetites and our thoughts. Fragrance comforts, heals and links us to imagination and romance. It is a bridge between reality and fantasy, the material and the astral worlds. 

We hope you can find everything you need and want. Here at Charms & Things we pride ourselves on being able to provide some of the finest quality products the industry has to offer. We hand - make all of our orders to fit each customers specifications with only top quality ingredients, No order is too complex. Fast and friendly service, your satisfaction is our priority. We are focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. Feel free to look around. Don't see what you like ? Feel free to contact us we make any scent and color of your desire. We here at Charms & Things also have great partnerships with world wide companies. A couple of those include Peter Stone Jewelry and Sun's Eye.

We Specialize in :

Hand-Made Herbal Candles

Hand-Made Decor Candles

Hand-Made Melts

100% Essential Oils

Hand-Made Incense

Hand Blended Lotions

Meditative, Cleansing, and Calming Candles